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About us

the middle English of phoenix means a thing of unsurpassed excellence or beauty. We choose to use this word as our brand name because the meaning is direct to our aim to design and produce the best quality of products to respond our clients.

Ceramic jewelry is one of the woman ornament  which filled with charming in themselves.  Our ceramic jewelry was made from porcelain. This kind of ceramic is more strength than earthenware and stoneware which they are not easily chipped or cracked.

Ceramic jewelry, the simple elegance  was the answer of dressing of the women who want  to have her own identity because our products such as pendant , bangle and pierced earrings in various style  were designed in classic color and image especially the edge trimmed with genuine silver so they can use as casual and formal ornament. Our ceramic jewelry was presented under the brand name of  with Queen’s  crown,  we want  to express the  meaning  that  our ceramic jewelry are the Queen of beauty .